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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Shelter videos - tutorials

Check out my Survival and Bushcraft Course Articles

shelter - from dryad

debris shelter - simon eller from bushcraft and survival skill smagazine

building a wikiup A quick survival shelter - a condensed step by step instruction in building an old indian style wikiup for emergency shelter in the wildsthevinerhyme

The maker was recently in Canada during the winter. His friend and he went out into the woods and built a shelter for their survival trip.

Tarp knots and packiing away - prmaklpboo

how to set up a tarp prmaklpboo

hexa yurt Is there a way to bring this up to the common building municipal codes? Not in America. There are a few areas without building codes - areas of TX for one place - but this is really not going to fly in the USA except as a temporary shelter like a tent. I think you could probably put one up on a piece of land and live in it while building a real house (see the Econodome design by Wil Fidroeff for example) but that's about your limit.

Cob Houses

Building a cob wall

Eco Building

Cob in a bucket

Mixing Cob

Building with the Lakota in Wounded Knee

Cob: The Origin Story (1/2)

Earth Building: for Free

Cob Solar cooker: Making the form
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