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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Fire Videos - tutorials

Check out my Survival and Bushcraft Course Articles

See my Fire Making Series of Articles

Fire Lighting Methods - See Fire Layouts and Fire Drills below:-

Horses hoof fungus and iron pyrite/flint lighting
- with Ray Mears

Fire by friction - From undercurrents dryad bushcraft

Fire - flint and steel - From dryad

Fire lighting kit, charcloth, hacksaw blade - From dean read

Making fire with cotton ball and vaseline - How to build a fire with a cotton ball and vaseline. Visit the website at

Magnesium fire starter - From

Making char cloth for flint and steel use - From bushman11865

Using an alcohol prep pad and Swedish fire starter to build a fire

Gathering tinder fuel and one match fire

Firelighting and piston with Andrew Packer

Making fire under 40sec

Fire Drills

hand drill fire - from jack mountain

hand drill - from dliwehtfollacsutube

This is the intro to the bow drill set video that was cut out to make the file fit My ancestral skills blog:

Pt.2 Bow Drill set and fire - From My ancestral skills blog: pitatapiu

fire drill

Hand drill using Fatwood starting a fire in under 40 seconds using my firesteel and some fatwood- Attended Christopher Nyerges class called SURVIVAL SKILLS INTENSIVE see Learned how to use the traditional fire drill to make start a fire. BFT Barefoot Teds Adventures

Fire Layouts

billycan over fire - from

dakota firepit - exellent energy saving method for conserving wood in a bushcraft camp from

Dakota fire pit commando fire pit
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