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Saturday, 14 July 2007

How to make Stoves/cookers Videos

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Trangia stove - rikuk3

Pocket Cooker - Part 1 of a series looking at non-gas cooksets. This part is the Pocket Cooker, a small wood burning stove - prmaklpboo

Part 2 - crusader cooker- prmaklpboo

Cooksets Part 3 - Swedish Army Trangia - A look at the cheap and robust meths cooker, the Swedish Army Trangia. prmaklpboo

Wood Gas Camp Stove Vinay burns small sticks until he runs out. Potential part of Hexayurt unit.

NT/6 Wood Burning Turbine Stove/Generator - heatpipe66
NT/6 Highlights (proposed specifications)
- self starting.
- runs on wood, garbage or bio-mass (or anything else you can stuff into the combustor that burns and gives off good heat).
- totally self sufficient - can be run in remote locations without gas or diesel fuel.
- expected to produce around 2,000W continuous.
- DC output: 24V @ 80A
- AC output: 120 - 240V @ 50-60Hz (AC output will depend upon battery and inverter capacity)
- excellent source of warmth.
- fuel wood consumption: TBA.
- easy to maintain, (change the oil every few months)
- reliable, turbos are simple and last a long time.

Down draught woodgas burner - burns wood v cleanly

Biogas Wood Stove Demonstration - knowpub
This stove is a partial oxidation gas generator stove. It produces Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Methane and other cracked organic compounds. The same principle is in our books on gasification of wood for engines and cars. Yes, you CAN run a car off this type of system and over 1 million vehicles did this during WWII... it can still work today
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