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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Food, medicine and permaculture videos - tutorials

Check out my Survival and Bushcraft Course ,Health Articles

See my Edible Plant Medicine Article

tapping birch trees birch tapping - A first go at Birch tapping. Maybe not as technical as others might do but I achieved the aim. The tree was 'stopped' securely after the tap to stop disease.prmaklpboo

wild edible plants - dryad Filmed in South Wales, UK. Series coming soon on

edible wild stinging nettle permaculture - In this video, Matt Berry of the Regenerative Design Institue (RDI) discusses the finer points of stinging nettle harvesting. Harvesting nettles can really adhere to the principles of permaculture by using the surplus nature has to offer. In many places, nettle is in extreme abundance and requires little or no input to grow. In this video, Matt shows us a particular type of sustainable wildcrafting technique. If you top the nettle at the right time when it is young and good to eat, more nettle will grow back. This can help the plant and increase the harvest. Nettle is by far the most nutritious plant in my garden, being a superfood with loads of vitamins and minerals, including chlorophyll and calcium. The poison in the stinging spines on nettles are rendered harmless by drying or cooking. You can also check out some cool nettle beer recipes in Buhner's Sacred Herbal and Healing Beers as well as figure out how to make lacto fermented nettle beer in Jessica Prentice's Full Moon Feast: The Hunger for Connection

Suburban Renewal - One Backyard at a Time Peak Moment 37: Jan Spencer shows his quarter-acre permaculture project transforming a typical suburban lot. Lawn and driveway were replaced with fruit and nut trees, vegetables, brambles, and native habitat, plus a 3500 gallon rainwater catchment system, a sunroom heating the house, and a small detached bungalow to increase residential density.

Greg Felsen a Peace Corp member involved with Permaculture development in Lesotho Permaculture In Lesotho

Permaculture with Claude Genest - 5 min. Doc from CBC news Montreal Nov 21/06

What Is Permaculture - a future of possibility
Lama Foundation, located in the Mountains of New Mexico is host to Grow Here Now and Build Here Now. Annual workshops which bring together teachers as well as students of sustainability. Join us as we examine "what is permaculture" as we attend the Grow Here Now - Convergence at Lama. Permaculture is a word originally coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the mid 1970's to describe an "integrated, evolving system of perennial or self-perpetuating plant and animal species useful to man" 'Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for provision of local needs. People, their buildings and the ways in which they organize themselves are central to permaculture. Thus the permaculture vision of permanent or sustainable agriculture has evolved to one of permanent or sustainable culture

A Field Walk With: Jeff Mason, Master Herbalist Vol: 1- The first in a series on medicinal and edible plants as can be found in the wild. In hope that I will pass on information that will help the viewer of the clips survive should the time come when they must be self-sufficientthevinerhyme

edible apartment balcony -- local food and urban permaculture - Kevin Feinstein discusses the food value of his balcony container plants. He talks about Campanula (bellflower), Camellia sinensis (green tea and black tea), nasturtium, calendula, -- and human urine as a high nitrogen fertilizer.DISCLAIMER: This posting does not claim to be an intstructional guide to eating wild plants. Never eat a plant unless your completely sure of its edibility, and do not use this posting or other feralkevin postings to identify plants.

edible wild plantain permaculture - Matt Berry of the Regeneratitve Design Institue (RDI) and Kevin Feinstein discuss the finer elements wild plantain (Plantago species).

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