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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Build Your Own

Grow your own Forest Garden
There is such a thing as forest gardening. Most people imagine a small holder to grow a few lettuces and tomatoes but it is possible to hold far grander visions and have a Grand Holding instead.A forest garden takes... ...Taking Cuttings Use a very sharp knife/secateursPut the cutting into a plastic bag and keep there until ready to pot. Take cuttings from strong, healthy..

The Tree Tally
The Cyber Forest Growing Project - I'm encouraging everyone who reads this site to plant a tree, hey not just one tree but a whole forest. It will be the first cyber forest. You can find out how by reading these articles...

Living Machines, Composting, Biocultures, making money from poo~
No such thing as waste Yes, you read right - making money from poo. I am now going to introduce you to some Positive Poo Recycling methods you may or may not have already heard of.In Bushcraft when you head out into the wild blue yonder, civilised bushwhackers will dig a hole for...

Build your own Solar Water Heater -
Solar Funnel Cooker
Water Turbine
Dynamo's for bicycles and other automobiles
The Steam Car!
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