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Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Our Human Rights
The Declaration Of Human rights in full.

Regards Christopher Hansard, Physician Bon Medicine
A true inspiration and help in a dark time of my life

The soul famine
Surviving, tithing, superficial celebrity nonsense, more important matters, bored of religious wars...

The Shaolin Workout
Sifu Sin Yang Min, a monk from the shaolin temple in China has opened a temple in New York, I'm practising his 28 day workout, and uilding a temporary shelter in the yard.

She says ‘The broken ones are my darlings’ Amma

Hopi Elder's Message Regarding the Milllenium
When I was seventeen, I was living and working in Cornwall as an adventure sports instructor. One weekend I decided on a whim to find this ancient maze carving I'd seen on a postcard, in Rocky Valley near Tintagel. I dragged my then reluctant partner, the twelve km hike along the river looking for this maze and it really was like a maze within a maze. The path was pretty overgrown and we approached the ruin of a 17th century mill still as yet having seen no...

Achieve Everything in Five Simple Steps"
Now, I'm considering everything you can possibly do to change life for the better, the question is are you? So below I've listed the 'everything' I'm going to focus on here within my articles and videos. I've reached a point now where I'm having to do a bit of evaluation, a very necessary step in progression - especially in light of the fact that I've had to stay away for awhile due to a shoulder injury. This was one of the 'positive' impacts of starting a new fitness program and spending too long on the computer. In my eagerness I forgot to include balance, and wound up with a torn muscle. To achieve an objective it's maybe better to do it in bitesize chunks. Yes, there might be a lot of bites, that amount to a large chunk, but bitesize is the key.

Be Self Sufficient in 5 Simple Steps ...

The Tale of the Energy Efficient Lightbulb
Everyone's going on about the hoo ha of climate change at the moment. 'Hoo ha' they're all shouting, 'the ice caps are melting' we're all going to be wiped out by giant hurricanes and the sea flooding over our flower beds' and this is a lot of the sort of reality hoo ha you get to hear and see all the time. Then celebrities rake their minds for what they've read about 'green stuff', for solutions, and they remember 'hooray, (because they've remembered something) 'light bulbs', yes and 'hybrid cars' - hooray if you can afford a hybrid car, the rest of us have to settle for light bulbs. What they're not talking about though is how boring this all is. If being green is just talking about lightbulbs and turning off appliances at their sockets etc, it's boring - even with the urgency and the message, it's not going to make all of us race outof our doors like we do when the latest Harry Potter book has appeared on the store shelves. 'Oohh, the latest energy efficient lightbulbs in stock, I must rush out and get one before anyone else' just doesn't have the same appeal does it?
But here's the real myth. The real myth is that...

The Benefits of Hiking and Climbing - Becoming a Human Animal
When I first went off to the wilderness I was with a small group of kids who all had asthma/eczema, diabetes, epilepsy, cystic fibrosis or some such ailment. I attended a special boarding school for kids who suffered from different illnessess to the point that they would usually be permanently hospitalised. Our first 'wilderness' camping trip took all of these ten and eleven year olds out to a field in the south east of england. It was surrounded by ancient woodland, huge lakes and nothing but countryside. We had to get our water from a natural spring and cook over a fire and sleep in tents...

The Thinking Blogger Award
Well, I have been honoured by being tagged for the Thinking Blogger Award, which is a great incentive to keep doing what I'm doing and do it better where possible... ...Five Blogs that make me think:- is a list of personal experiences...

Return of the Tribe
I'm seriously looking forward to seeing Macintyre's Edge of Existence after watching the Return of the Tribe. It highlighted so many perceptions about our society that I have always held and share with the Papua New Guineans who came to visit. No wonder living in the West fits me like an ill-fitting suit. So the Chief says...

As Featured On Ezine ArticlesYour potential you
I am dedicated to something I've called 'Positive Impact Living'. It doesn't matter who or where you are or what circumstances you might be in, I'm posting 'practical' information here that will help you and I make a positive impact from within those circumstances. If I can inspire someone to be just a little bit positive, that's great. From... ...shouldn't be putting up with low energy levels, headaches, blotchy skin or any of those complaints that so many people complain of.It is possible to live for a long time and in excellent health. It is possible to live without financial worries or...

As Featured On Ezine Articles
Depression - do you have an uneccessary ailment?
Here are a few things I consider to be uneccessary ailments: Headaches, Flu, Arthritis, Hepatitis (any letter of the alphabet), Eczema, Asthma, Insomnia, Depression, Stomach Disorders, Irritable... ...tells you what it is, and gives you some broad good advice like 'eat whole foods, do cognitive therapy, take exercise'. The third from the Royal College of Psychiatrists gives a...

An Attitude of Fierce Resolve
Fierce resolve is something that cannot be beaten. Some people seem to be born with it. They know exactly what they want to do and they then spend their lives single mindedly doing it. Then there are those of us who admire them from the sidelines in wonder. While we are dithering, prevaricating and worrying about worrying - they have sailed around the world, climbed the highest mountain, dug wells in Africa, gone too space and won the Open at Wimbledon. All while we stood before two items in a shop wondering whether to get the one with the higher back or ...

The Tibetan and Indian Mystics
Martin Luther King
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