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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Real Life Survival Videos

search and rescue training Rescue practise with UWFRA and RAF in a sea

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team Training - Piers Gill on Scafell Pike is our incident blackspot so familiarisation of the routes in and out is essential.View true life rescue stories -

Riley: The real 9/11 K9 hero - FilmLou It had come to my attention that photos and video of yellow lab search and rescue dog had been identified as "Bear." There were statistics that Bear had made 30-40 live finds at Ground Zero. In reality there were only 20, made over a period of 22 hours. Some say that Bear is merely urban legend.Very few photos exist of Bear working at Ground Zero, however one depicts him being transported high over the pit in an elaborate rope rig and stokes basket.In searching through my Ground Zero video I've found the REAK S&R dog depcited in the photo. His name is named "Riley" a member of Pennsylvania's Urban Search and Rescue Task Force. Find out for yourself -- just listen to the audio track.
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