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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Positive Impact Living

She says ‘The broken ones are my darlings’Amma

How to Help
People want to help people.To really see positive results when making your life decisions it is necessary to align yourself with positive people who are doing positive things in the world. Cosy! What can you do to make a difference?-In your own life? In your... ...When you align yourself with people who are really changing the world for the better, and you begin to close the open ends of your life; following all the threads that connect...

The Medicine Tree, Ekodo Refuge and Donate
...I got the idea for the 'Refuge' when I read about the Native American Medicine Tree. This was a tree that acted a bit like Mountain Huts do in the Mountains. It had a dry tinder bundle and fire-lighting kit, some food, some spare clothes, some drinking water and medicinal herbs. It was a resource for emergencies and would be carefully replaced. Often Medicine...

The Thinking Blogger Award
Well, I have been honoured by being tagged for the Thinking Blogger Award, which is a great incentive to keep doing what I'm doing and do it better where possible... ...Five Blogs that make me think:- is a list of personal experiences that's updated...
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